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This is a huge question to ask; it is also equivalent to asking an artist how much he makes. You would be surprised they make amounts not different from the other. A webcam girl makes about $100-$500 every day. The range of amount you receive per day depends on you because what sells is your art an also how you market that art.

You can easily make more money as a webcam girl by;

Make the users want to see more

Most people think that being a webcam girl depends on how you look and how you moan when in front of the camera. This does not matter because men do not consider this before they wank. Different men have different tastes, ranging from fat girls to petite to tattoos and many more. What matters more is your personality, how you act and dress and the kind of movements you make. Also, how you tease and the kind of promotion you do also matters a lot.

Honestly, there are some personalities that guys love especially, and of them is the laid back type.The I’m your friend type. They make the client feel very comfortable, and making money becomes easy from there. There is also a mixed personality, which seems more dominant than the regular girl; this is a very difficult personality for someone that is naturally cool and submissive. There is more money here than the laid-back personality. Then never forget to also dress and act the part well. With these few steps, your income would gradually increase as a cam girl.