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Where to See the Best Homemade Porn Videos?

Watching pornography is as easy as going online and clicking the mouse of a computer. And right before your eyes, erotic scenes play, to your viewing pleasure. As a rule, most consumers of porn resort to professionally shot porn productions. However, these productions are often too glossy, too unrealistic, too squeaky clean and simply too ridiculous. Critics say that these shoots lack that human element that connects with an audience, to get people turned on.


Please welcome homemade or amateur porn videos. These kind of videos are gaining prominence on major porn hubs and platforms. For one, the actors cum actresses offer a more intimate, uncensored, not to mention unfiltered renditions of having sex.




As a result, audiences can find a real connection to happenings under the sheets as the action progresses. While there may be grey areas with homemade porn shoots including poor lighting and video quality; proponents believe that these constraints can be solved with participants opting for better but affordable shooting equipment and cameras.




For your viewing pleasure, here is a rundown of the best places to see the best porn videos:


While PornHub offers high-quality, high-definition porn videos, the site has begun to give viewers the opportunity to view homemade porn videos. PornHub takes this genre of porn a step higher as participants use high-quality videos as well as create erotic content that grips the imagination of viewers.

With over 20,000 amateur clips uploaded, there’s an almost steady supply of high-quality content to explore, with more added every day.


Reddit arguably leads the way in the provision of quality amateur porn videos. Enthusiastic Reddit users provide many porn content including covering themes such as gender, orientation, body type, kink, or idea, with significant variations. You will find users submitting dick pics, fetish couples, sexy housewives who striptease and people who masturbate on objects.


If there is anything that will get individuals to post videos and pictures of their homemade sex exploits, it would have to be the fact that they get paid for their efforts! And Clips4Sale does just that. This fetish content site allows contributors to film their videos and upload them for sale. Roleplaying, BDSM, wrestling, feet, trampling, and edging are among the sub-genres that you can enjoy as you surf the website.

Bright Desire

If your fetish centers on amateur actors/actresses in professionally shot videos, then you should look no further than Bright Desire. Bright 9Desire focuses mainly on intimacy between real partners and high-quality footage. The porn site also takes first place for featuring content from all gender identities.

However, viewing content on Bright Desire comes with membership and renewal costs; a small price to pay for high-quality amateur porn videos.